Home Photo Studio Lighting Kits

You can set up home photo studio lighting kits in a surprisingly small space so it's probably a lot less of an upheaval that you might imagine. Maybe move a bit of furniture out the way and you're ready for portraits, still lifes and anything else you can imagine. So what home studio lighting kit do you need to buy? There are all kinds of lighting kits available and the more you spend the better the quality will be. You could begin with a Hot Shoe flash which is a softbox and stand you can mount a speed light into and exposure is handled by your camera's TTL metering. A larger lighting kit will give you more lighting power and if you can afford it go for it. You can always lose a bit of light if there's too much but it's a pain when you don't have enough to get the depth of field you might need. Home studio lighting kits come with a range of accessories to soften the light such as softboxes, umbrellas or you could just bounce light off the ceiling provided it's a plain white. There's more on bounce flash photography at Mike Browne


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