#TRIBEtalks: What if I can't DRAW and want to design fashion?

http://www.fashionillustrationtribe.c... is my website- come on down and check out blog articles, videos, courses. And subscribe!!!! for daily fun, comments, shares, questions and inspiration, follow me on instagram (and introduce your self, I'd love to meet you!) So you think you can't draw...... but you love art and design and wish you could. YOU CAN. Your desire and your love, your ideas, and your expressions on paper or in fabric are a gift to the world that is needed... that's the energy that inspires you. It wants to come out of your head and be expressed. Here I tell a story that I often tell my Parsons students about a particular student who some might say "couldn't draw".... a student who is now a successful designer and a leader in her industry. There is so much more to it than how you draw, It's WHAT YOU SAY. But you've got to give your voice a chance to come out! Let me know what YOU think...... Share this video with your friends! Check me out on instagram ... I love to share inspiration from my life, design world, and family. I hope to inspire you to live your dreams and be proud to be who you are, how you are. Much love, Laura Volpintesta also check out my book on Amazon: the Language of Fashion Design keywords: top fashion schools fashion schools fashion design schools fashion design programs learn fashion illustration learn fashion design online fashion illustration courses online fashion design courses fashion design colleges fashion portfolios


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