Easy How to: Men's/Boy's Clipper Hair Cut

Step by step, easy to follow directions. How to do a men's or boy's fade hair cut with clippers. Supplies: Clippers, Edgers, Scissors, Cape, Water Bottle, Time : 20-30 minutes Skill Level: Beginner Step by Step Directions : Sides & Back ~ I started this Hair Cut with a #4 guard on my Clippers, then to Fade it out, I went down to a #3 Guard and used the handle to make it a 3.5. Top ~ I used Scissors to Cut the Top and Blend it on the sides along the Parietal Ridge. I also sprayed his hair with water bottle and used Moroccan Oil to help control his think hair. Edges ~ I squared his edges off on the sides and the back of his neck with no guard on my Edgers. Subscribe for Weekly Hair Style Tutorials: For Cosmetology Charts : www.cosmetologycharts.com Let's Hang Out !! Join me on: Subscribe to my Beauty Vlog @ Join me on facebook @ Follow me on Twitter @ Follow me on Instagram @ Check out my Boards on Pinterest @


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