High FASHION School for BARBIE Girls - #5 - PlayLand Girls Cartoons

▷ High FASHION School for BARBIE Girls - #5 - PlayLand Girls Cartoons ◁ ♥ Watch and SUBSCRIBE to «PlayLand - Girls Cartoons» channel! ♥ https://goo.gl/Xi68mw ♥ Our favorite Barbie girl is going for a retro party. We have to help your favorite Barbie doll select the best outfit for a retro party. Barbie girl wants to be the most beautiful at the party. Let's start. In this cartoon about the dolls, we will choose a dress for our Barbie girl. Choosing the dress is like a game for girls, you can take a white dress or a red dress or a business suit. After choosing the dress, we proceed to the choice of accessories for the Barbie girl. We can take a hat, sunglasses or even a hoop. What would you choose for your favorite doll? Also in this game about the dolls for girls, we will choose the shoes for Barbie girls, handbags and of course jewelry. You can put beads, necklace or medalyon. Any decoration on your taste. The final chord of preparations for the party will be the choice of hair and make-up. Select the best options for your favorite Barbie girl. ╔═══ ║ Cartoon ▷ High FASHION School for BARBIE Girls - #5 - PlayLand Girls Cartoons ◁ you can find here: ► ◄ ║ Nice watch! ╚══════════ Welcome to PlayLand Girls Cartoons channel! We create the best cartoons for girls, such as animated cartoons for girls and education movies, dolls cartoons and toys review videos and of course videos about games for girls. We make the most funny and kind videos for kids. Our channel is a unique collection of cartoons for girls. Every character of our cartoon is interesting and fun hero. They are friendly and communicate. They work and play together and help each other in difficult situations. Our heroes are kids and toys, people and animals, dolls and cartoon characters. Watch the best girls cartoons on our channel! ╔═══ ║Watch on «PlayLand - Girls Cartoons» channel: → New «Girls Cartoons»: ► ◄ → PlayLand Liked this Videos: ► ◄ ║ Nice watch! ╚══════════ ╔═══ ║ Video created by «PlayLand - Girls Cartoons» with support of «MonkeyTVen»: ► ◄ ► ◄ ║You are Welcome! ╚══════════ ╔═══ ║☺ SUBSCRIBE to «PlayLand - Girls Cartoons» channel: ♥ ♥ ║☼ And watch new videos! ╚══════════


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