Best Website Platforms for Creative Entrepreneurs // Hannah Eleanor

Hi y'all! I've been meaning to make a video like this for a while and here it is! 100% my own opinions on starting a website as a small business owner and which platforms are my favorite. This video is NOT sponsored in any way, I just really am passionate about website building and these platforms (tumblr, wordpress and squarespace). I'm also passionate about creative entrepenuers having the tools to build their own sites. I hope this video was helpful. I'm sure many of you have other favorites (like shopify) so if you love something that I haven't mentioned here definitely let me know in the comment section below! Thanks so much for watching!! And definitely check out all the amazing squarespace tutorials! ... WATCH MY MOST RECENT VIDEO: ... SOCIAL: ... ... WEBSITE: CONTACT: hello@hannaheleanor.com FILMED & EDITED BY Hannah Eleanor


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