Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale - Full Walkthrough

Join Barbie in her Fashion Fairytale and discover your inner sparkle! Discover the land of fairytales with Barbie on your side. Try finding the secret wand! Check our video walkthrough for more details. Welcome to Veedi walkthroughs Youtube channel, where you'll find detailed video walktrhoughs for all most recent popular flash games and mobile games (Web, Android and iOS games). We at Veedi are a team of highly skilled professional gamers and our sole mission is creating the best video content for modern gamers. We're focusing most on creating full game walkthroughs for the hardest games out there (including puzzle games, platform games, skill games, physics-based games, logic games). If the game isn't endless, be sure that will create a walkthrough covering the whole game. Otherwise we'll make a video introducing most relevant features in a gameplay video. We have a big team of gamers and all of them combined have almost half a century of gaming experience. Our Youtube channel focuses on the most recent and highly popular games but if you're playing some older game and need help with a specific level, make sure to check our webpage that has over 15.000 recorded walkthroughs (www.veedi.com/catalog). If you want to use some of our videos on your own webpages, you're free to embedd them. And if it happens that you're stuck on a game that by some chance we haven't got a video walkthrough for - feel free contacting us on marketing@veedi.com and we'll be happy to record one just for you.


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