Fashion Recycled made by Alexa

Fashion Recycled - News paper and magazines Dresses was made by Alexa. Carla Nunes known in the art world by Alexa, born in Funchal in August 1974. Mother Daughter Modelista, grew passionate about fabrics, the molds in greaseproof paper and the sewing machines. At 19 she moved to Lisbon to study anthropology, influenced by family, friends and teachers thought the academic studies in social sciences would give her greater job stability and financial security, rather than following his studies in Fashion. With its irreverent attitude and his unique style in Lisbon began to draw attention from other artists where there were several mergers, several projects and a huge desire to fashion. All garments that buying changed everything, giving your personal touch. That was how began to emerge the first orders and the first customers in its core friends. Self-taught, studying history of fashion, history of fashion design in the Library of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Policy at Rua da Junqueira in Lisbon. She felt that to develop their ideas, would have to go to the past and know all their story .When came a more complex coordinated, and had mold, cutting up their garments and watched carefully all his clothing and was well She began to have their own molds. Alexa nourished other passion in the city, the dance. As a child aged 4 attended ballet classes at the Municipal Theatre of Funchal and later jazz dance classes at Casino da Madeira at age 23 an opportunity arose to work with dancers. In the first year had a passive attitudes to clothing fashion, drawing only sketches of costumes for shows whenever came an idea, but after 12 months, everything was there flowing. . Started to do their own coordinated for performances and other dancers. At this stage it appeared two great friends who have had great influence on her life. He Hair Stylist and her a creative fashion, this merger resulted in the launch of Fashion Designer, but recycled. She devoted her self during roughly 15 years to university studies, to hercareer of dancer and performance, making all its own production, manufacturing and the other dancers. In September 2003, she returned to her hometown and began working in Atelier Alexa Couture, founded by her mom. Together they shared ideas and developed them, her mother in couture and Alexa recycling. With the support and motivation of her brother in 2004 makes its debut with a recycled fashion show at Cafe Funchal Theatre. Its concern at this point, and dissemination of its work, was aware of the Madeiran society of the importance of recycling in our city, in our planet. How can we make the use and reuse of materials that will not match serveriam for nothing, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. In 2006 he returned to Lisbon and the invitation of his friend Nuno Henrique (Hair Stylist), made a fashion installation recycled in the Metro Studio Hair Inauguration, situated in the cross street in Chiado and she stay in Lisbon a broad months. That same year made another parade in Funchal, the Hotel Tivoli, along with the brand Schwarzkopf hair products and the MetroStudio Hair team. Later returned to Lisbon with a collection of host overalls for Phil Stand in the international fair of new technologies (October 2007). In 2008 she moved to the Algarve, where did an idea for collars and scarves Tech- Tec. Name giving by an Irish friend, were produced with cotton t-shirts cut into thin strips. Its aim of all that does is help to create a more colorful and inspiring world, questioning social, political and environmental issues


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