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What's up all you “ARTIST” out there! My name is Ronnie Mac. I’m the Owner of the Shops & Salons NETWORK and the Hair Art NETWORK. You guys know me as Mr. Hair Art! Thank You All for your Attention and don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to get all the NEW NEWS and INFORMED INFO on everything Hair Art! Our Online Store is at www.MrHairArt.com and our Motto is: RESPECT YOURSELF; IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! Watch Previous Mr. Hair Art Videos: How To Use Hair Art STENCILS fast MONEY MICKEY MOUSE:➢ Hair Art STENCIL KIT TV Commercial:➢ NEW Mobile Salons BUSES! Ready for your Custom Order!:➢ Pubic Hair Stencils - Hair Art:➢ Hair Art Designs Instructional DVD Video Commercial:➢ LIKE & FOLLOW Mr. Hair Art SOCIAL MEDIA Links: (EVERYTHING @MrHairArt) GOOGLE+:➢ FACEBOOK:➢ TWITTER:➢ INSTAGRAM:➢ PINTEREST:➢ Hair Art NETWORK:➢ MySPACE:➢ SNAPCHAT:➢ REDDIT:➢ Tumblr:➢ KIK:➢ LINKEDIn:➢ BLOGGER:➢ LIKE & FOLLOW Mr. Hair Art VIDEO/STREAMING Links: LIVESTREAM:➢ USTREAM:➢ BLOG TALK RADIO:➢ TWITCH:➢ VINE:➢ YOUNOW:➢ PERISCOPE:➢ YOUTUBE:➢ SUPPORT Mr. Hair Art BY SHOPPING AT OUR STORE: (NEW “ARTIST” CLOTHING LINE) DONATE to our CHARITIES @: Help Support Mr. Hair Art Videos by giving to our PATREON ACCOUNT: SUBSCRIBE and Join My “ARMY of ARTIST”:➢ DOWNLOAD the Mr. HAIR ART APP: (ANDROID/Google PLAY @Mr. Hair Art) DOWNLOAD the Mr. HAIR ART APP: (APPLE iTunes @Mr. Hair Art) LINKS TO other Mr. Hair Art YouTube Channels: Mr. Hair Art:➢ MrHairArt RonnieMac (VLOG):➢ Mr. Hair Art Bio: Mr. Ronnie Mac started doing Hair Art at the age of 10 on his OWN HEAD then branched out and started cutting his brothers’, cousins’ and friends’ hair. From there, a Legend was born. When he started his first Barber Shop and put on his first Hair Show, he took on the name Mr. Hair Art. From there Ronnie Mac created the Shops & Salons NETWORK where he continued working hard, and in January of 2000, he started manufacturing the first units of his own line of Hair Art Products (STENCIL KITS). After years of raising his own money, Mr. Hair Art started manufacturing Custom Mobile Salons and started the Mobile Salon Project. Now, by opening what Ronnie Mac has branded as MEGA SALONS, as well as, helping other Owners manage their Shops & Salons, Mr. Mac is able to serve Millions of Customers along with Thousands of Barbers & Stylist in the Barber & Beauty Industry. This was just the beginning for Mr Hair Art. For the FULL breakdown of the life of Ronnie Mac / Mr. Hair Art you can go to www.MrHairArt.com ... CONTACT INFO for Business Inquires: Ronnie Mac "Mr. Hair Art" Shops & Salons NETWORK / Hair Art NETWORK (Owner) MrMac@MrHairArt.com / MrMac@ShopsAndSalons.com 3824 Cedar Springs Rd. Suite 406 Dallas, Texas 75219 1-800-406-7711 1-877-650-9814 (FAX) www.MrHairArt.com www.ShopsAndSalons.com www.HairArtNETWORK.com www.TheHAIRTVChannel.com www.MobileSalonProject.com www.HairArtCamp.com MAIL INFO: (Send Us Stuff!) P. O. BOX 222305 Dallas, TEXAS 75222 LICENSE AGREEMENT Copyright © 2000 Shops & Salons NETWORK® All rights reserved. PHOTO CREDITS: All ThAT production MUSIC CREDITS: All ThAT production VIDEO CREDITS: Hair Art TV & All ThAT production *All Images & Music are trademarked to their respective owners.


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