Fall Back To School Look Book 2015 | Jewel Toned, Fashion Nova, A&E

All the magical details here: Hey beauties, I just wanted to take a moment of my time to let you ALL know that you are beautiful, no matter your shape, size, gender, color. Remember that the PHYSICAL does not define you, it's your character. And while there are a lot of people who like to point their fingers and judge, just try and remind yourself that they too are facing some insecurity issues. Body shaming isn't okay for anyone to do for any reason or purpose. Let's not forget we are ALL people. And we are ALL different. And that's beautiful. ♡ BUSINESS: For Business Inquires + Collaborations: charmingroyalty@yahoo.com **LINKS PROVIDED ARE NOT AFFILIATE LINKS, JUST SHORTENED USING GENERATOR ** First OutFit: Jewel Toned The Major Mini Dress Top: MissGuided Boots: American Eagle Second Outfit: Top: Express Cami: forever21 Bottoms: Fashion Nova Boots: Fashion Nova Third Outfit: Top: Fashion Nova Bottoms: Fashion Nova Shoes: American Eagle Jacket: Forever21 Fourth outfit: Top: BooHoo Bottoms: Fashion Nova Boots: Fashion Nova ♡MY ONLINE JEWELRY BOUTIQUE: ♡ LETS STAY FRIENDS BLOG: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: YOU ARE CRAZY BEAUTIFUL. THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST FRIENDS A GIRL CAN ASK FOR YOU!!! XO ♡ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Provided By: Alex: Only Love (Ft. Shannon Hurley)


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