♥ The Secret Magazines You Never Knew Existed ♥ with Achillies ♥

Hey Guys! This little vlog is for those of you who are interested in magazines/fanzines but don't really live in a big city/have time to explore what possibilities there are!!! ♥ When I was younger I never ever had heard of any of the magazines featured in this video so I wanted to share my knowledge as you might see something you might want to check out ♥ Let me know if you have any questions about this video by commenting below or if you have any feedback on this vlog ♥ Really appreciate your support as super new to all of this youtubing!! ♥ Where you can find the magazines...... ♥Hunger- WHSmiths stocks it or you can use this link to find your nearest stockist ♥Love- WHSmiths stocks ♥Wonderland- ♥Rollacoaster- ♥CR- ♥Harpers Bazaar- ♥Violet- ♥Vmagazing- ♥Dazed and Confused- ♥Flaunt- Also if you haven't seen any of my other content please checkout my channel!! Or follow the hearts ♥♥ Thank you so much again for your support! xx ♥Instagram: @saskiacole ♥Twitter: @Saskia_Cole ♥SnapChat: @saskiacole ♥Website: www.saskiacole.com


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