The Technology of Tomorrow - Does 3D Printing Have a Sustainable Future in Fashion Apparel?

International award-winning architecture and 3D printed high heel footwear designer Bryan Oknyansky sits on an expert panel discussing how 3D printing has a sustainable future in the apparel industry to an audience of leading global apparel brands. Video copyright PI Apparel 2013 PANEL: The Technology of Tomorrow - Does 3D Printing have a Sustainable Future in the Fashion/Apparel Industry? Presented by Silvia Weidenbach - Designer/Maker, Silvia Weidenbach Nicholas O'Donnell Hoare - Design Partner, Saint H Bryan Oknyansky - Founder & Designer, Shoes by Bryan Peter Firth - Senior Journalist & Technology Editor, LS:N Global Synopsis - Is 3D printing really just a short-lived hype or are there further opportunities, yet to be realised, that require industrial and/or consumer patience to achieve? - What does 3D printing actually allow you to do? -- prioritising culture and use beyond aesthetics - What are the material limitations and qualities of computer-assisted design and 3D printing? - What does 3D printing mean in regards to creative sustainability? - Attaining a new set of previously unattainable design cues through 3D printing - Overcoming the cost barriers of complex design - 3D printing and 'free complexity' - Standing at the base of a 'mountain of disruption' with 3D fabrication - what are the implications on industry, brands and/or the environment - What does wearable technology mean for the fashion industry and what role does 3D printing play in this field? - 3D printing, consumerism and waste -- reducing waste in material use whilst printing or creating more waste than known now due to domestic production About Bryan Oknyansky Bryan Oknyansky Bryan Oknyansky is an award-winning architecture and womens' shoe designer. It's not about trend, it's not about product cycles, and it's not about marketing. It's about technology and beauty, both in materials and people - a successful mix considering Bryan Oknyansky was recently awarded the title of Red Dot: Product Design 2012 Honourable Mention for Butterfly Heels of the Born Again collection. Behind Bryan Oknyansky's success is his synthesis of avant-garde design talent with expertise in cutting edge digital design and manufacturing technologies, skills acquired in his training as a professional architect. Since 2000, Bryan Oknyansky has engaged a profession preoccupied with the environment we live in as an award-winning designer on projects ranging from exhibition booths to homes to airports to cities. On the topic of how footwear and architecture relate, Bryan Oknyansky says: "Architecture and footwear share the same brief: both must be beautiful, both must be safe. In order to properly experience designed space, you need to be comfortable in it." His outside of the box visionary approach has earned him international success as a designer, researcher, and Guest Architecture Design Lecturer in Los Angeles, Beijing, Moscow, and London, where his design studio is currently based. Over the last three years, Bryan Oknyansky has experimented with manufacturing technologies applied in the automotive and aerospace industries and has bridged the gap between fashion and architecture with his debut visionary high-heels collection Heavy Metal Series.


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