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DIY Clothing & Accessories! Easy and affordable DIY Projects! How to make your own clothes with no sewing and revamp old clothes!! :D THUMBS UP IF YOU ENJOY! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! - FOLLOW ME ON INSTA - @StealTheSpotlight Hola Guys & Gals! Finally I have my DIY fashion vid for you, this has been a long time coming so I really hope you enjoy the four ideas I came up with! I tried my best to make them a little more original than an iron on transfer but lets face it just about everything has been done before when it comes to any DIY video! Here's a brief run down of where you can find some of the supplies I used; DIY Fluffy Earrings Earring Hooks, Connecting Loops, Craft Pliers - Bargain City (Cheap Shop) Fluff - Can be found at some cheap shops but Spotlight (Fabric Store) has a better selection of colours DIY Graphic Flannel Inspired by these Jac Vanek ones - Flannel - Kmart Mens Fabric Paint & Paint Brush - Bargain City (Cheap Shops) DIY Personalised Denim Jacket I'd suggest trying to thrift a jacket or use an old one to revamp! You can use fabric from an old item of clothing or buy some from a fabric store like Spotlight DIY Fringe Clutch An old clutch (preferably with a straight closure) Fringe Trimming - From any fabric or craft store Fabric Glue - Bargain City I hope this gave you some new DIY ideas to try out! I think these are all super wearable and of course affordable which is perfect for back to school season at the moment :) If you try any out be sure to tag me in a picture on Instagram @stealthespotlight Music - Kehlani ft. Lexii Alijai Jealous (no sleep remix) As always - sending peace, love & positivity to you all bby gals!!! Chat to me on; ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Any businesses wanting to reach me can email me at katie.orlowski@ymail.com


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