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This is my experience of buying watches online at Ebay, like the other online shops, Ebay sell a variety of goods ranging from fashion, gadgets, electronics, Sporting Goods, Collectibles & Art, Home & Garden, well as watches. well this time, I as admin Xpandro-id.blogspot.com share the experience of buying watches on Ebay. on Ebay we can find a wide variety models of watches ranging from the cheapest to most expensive (branded). just try the search on Ebay with the keyword "luxury watch" or "luxury men watch" and sorting the search results of the cheapest, will be out various kinds of watches are quite nice model and design as well as the price is right sorted from cheapest. usually cheap watches, sold from China and non-branded, but the design is good enough and is suitable for complementary fashion because the model mimics expensive watches that can cost hundreds of dollars. I bought this watch for around $8 only, its free shipping but can takes (+/-) 1 months for delivery (from China to my country Indonesia). these watches glance looks "luxury" but it just looks at outside.


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