How to Apply to Fashion Schools

No, I can't go over your portfolio and tell you if it's good enough for XYZ Design Institute. Only the school can do that. I do, however, go through the multi-step application process, give you some practical advice on how to get started and important things to keep in mind, and what you can do to prepare. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Photos of my work, bits of my life. I'm currently working on a series of fashion alphabet illustrations. Preview clips of my videos, links to resources and stuff I think is cool or pretty. I chat and retweet cool links re: fashion, education, local events, body positivity, Asian culture, good food. Some people like Facebook best for keeping up so I post updates here too. I pin good examples of fashion illustration and design communication made by other people. I now have a board called "Bodies" which pins lots of great reference pics. CONTACT: teaching@zoehong.com Don't call me. I hate the phone.


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