Canada Goose: Women's Trillium Parka Review

Hello everyone! I know I took a while to finally make so more videos but I finally tackled the women's Trillium Parka. Like I had mentioned, I have had this coat for two years now and couldn't be happier. It has kept me incredibly warm, and the over all quality I don't have any complaints. I did forget to mention what kind of layers you should wear under your winter coat. So first and for most, you need to wear a good base layer or whatever is closet to your skin, minus your bra, it should be synthetic or wool. Stay away from cotton! It holds moisture which means if you sweat at all it obviously won't go anywhere which in turn will not do anything for keeping you warm or dry. A great mid layer, a sweater whether again it is wool or fleece would work perfectly with the base layer in keeping you warm all together. I hope I was able to answer all the questions that I would normally answer with my customers, again if anyone has any questions please leave them in the comments down below or reaching me at my Twitter or Instagram!!! My Twitter: My Instagram: My Website: www.ReviewsBytheBlonde.com Dry Cleaner/ Hollanderizing: Nikwax (Waterproofing): Grangers (Waterproofing): Penguin Sport Wash (Waterproofing): Real Canada Goose Website: Canada Goose Counterfeiting: Sporting Life (Authorized Dealer): Holt Renfrew (Authorized Dealer): Sail (Authorized Dealer):


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