Top 10 College best fashion show rampwalks

Today on 70th Independence day college media turns 1 and on this occasion we bring you First time ever in the college history College Media brings the top 10 moments of the fest . We are starting with fashion show. Fashion show is one of the major attraction during any college fest due to its hotness and creativity on the stage. College Media team covered many fashion show events across the country last year. This is the compilation of the top 10 fashion show moments including walk from IIT , NIT , DTU, Chitkara university, LPU and ,many more colleges. Comment below your sequence. We are glad to introduce you to College Media, a prominent name in the field of inter-college networks. College Media is currently a paramount platform for college videos in this country. It aims to be India’s largest college network. Our agenda is to cover everything, from the first toddling steps of a fresher to his confident speech on his Farewell. And we need you to make this happen. Please join us and help us to bring some value to to the students life by sharing your college stories and updates with us. Subscribe to our youtube channel right now. Invite ans share among your college groups and contacts. Like us on Facebook : Watch other college videos from our channel Follow us on Instagram : Watchout for other awesome videos below. The most viewed video from college ever from IIT Delhi A must watch group dance from DTU Which is better IIT or BITs Most popular dance group from delhi Venky The best fashion show ever . wathout for the girls International level hiphop dance battle in the country Video and Editing by : Naveen Giri


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