An Austin and Ally Story Ep 51 (Crazy Fashion and Back From Spain)

An Austin and Ally Story Ep 51 (Crazy Fashion and Back From Spain) *The next day, at the food court with The Crew* Trish: So, you sure you really want to start a new life? Ally: *shrugs* I guess. Trish: Well, if that's your decision, alright. Ally: *smiles* Anyways, we haven't done anything fun together in a while. Kayla: Yeah, I agree. I mean, all that happened so far is drama. *rolls her eyes* Austin: You know what? Let's have fun today! *stands up, smiles* Dez: *stands up* I agree. C'mon, let's go to the farm! *grins* The crew but Dez: *looks at Dez weirdly* Dez: What? A farm is a fun place to go to! You get to feed the chickens, play with the piggies, and even wear overalls! Jacob: Um, I don't consider that "fun". Trish: Yeah, I mean, play with the pigs? Kayla: And eww! Wear overalls? Ugh, old fashion. Dez: *sigh* Fine. If you don't consider that "fun"... Then what do you think we should do instead? Ally: *gets an idea* Hey, how about a crazy fashion dance party? *smiles* The crew but Ally: *interested but confused* Um, what's that? Ally: *stands up* Well. All you have to do is wear something crazy- Dez: Woohoo! Ally: Un-matching - Kayla: *gasp* Ally: Colorful? Optional I guess- Trish: Woot, woot! Ally: And well, pretty much anything! Just crazy. Austin: Awesome! Ally: Oh and, we're just gonna dance in our crazy outfit. *elbows Jacob* You could be the DJ. Jacob: *fist pumps* Oh sweet! I love the idea! Yes, yes, YES! We're gonna do this. Ally: Great! So, does everybody agrees? Austin/Jacob/Trish/Dez: Agree! Kayla: Disagree. The crew but Kayla: *looks at Kayla confused* Huh? Kayla: Sorry, but I hate wearing things that doesn't match. *frowns a bit* Ally: *holds her hand* Kayla, just for tonight, please. Kayla: *sigh* Just for tonight? Ally: *nods* Kayla: Well.... Alright. Ally: Yay! Trish: Okay, so shall we all get dress then? The crew but Trish: Yeah! Jacob: And specifically, where are we going to make it? Austin: How about my house? *smiles* Ally: Sure! Austin's house it is. So, how about later at 6? Everyone but Ally: Deal! Ally: Great. Well, catch you all later! *leaves* The crew: *splits and goes different directions* *Later at 6* Ally: *walks and meets Trish on the way* Hey Trish! Trish: Hey! *eyes widened* Woah you look crazy! Ally: *giggles* You too! Trish: *laughs* Dez: *walks up to them* Hey guys! Ally/Trish: He- *gasp* Dez: *smirks* Jealous? *shows off his outfit* Ally/Trish: *laughs so hard* Dez: What? Ally: *laughing* W- Why a- are you wearing a t-tutu?!?! Trish: Yeah, that's WAY crazy. Dez: Well, as Ally said. Wear something crazy! Ally: Oh yes. And you PASSED. Ally/Trish/Dez: *walks on Austin's door step and knocks on the door* Austin: *opens the door* Welcome to *sees Dez wearing a tutu and bursts out laughing* Dez: Wow, nice to meet you too. Jacob: *walks from behind* What up! *sees Dez* Dez, what the heck are you wearing? Dez: *rolls his eyes* It's called a tutu, alright?! *walks in* Ally/Trish/Jacob: *walks in* Trish: So, where's Kayla? Dez: Oh, she's still finding something CRAZY to wear. Ally: Wow. ???: *knocks on the door* Austin: I guess she's here, I'll get it. *goes and opens the door* Hey- GUYS?!?! ???: What up little brother! *walks in* Austin: Ry- Rydel? I thought- Rocky: Yeah, we came back from Spain. *walks in* Riker: Why the bricks are you wearing that crazy outfit? *walks in* Austin: Well my friends and I are having a crazy fashion dance party. Ratliff/Ryland: OH SWEET! CAN WE JOIN?! Austin: *shrugs* I guess. Just go and change into something "crazy". Ratliff/Ryland: Cool! *runs up and change* Rydel/Riker: We're in! *runs up and change* Rocky: Count me out, I'm tired. *walks up* Austin: Whatever. ???: *walks up the doorsteps* Hey, I'm here. Austin: *turns around, eyes widened* KAYLA?!?! Kayla: What? Austin: Y- your outfit is... *smirks* Kayla: I get it. *rolls her eyes* (Wearing: ) It's crazy. *walks in* Ratliff/Ryland/Rydel/Riker: *comes down wearing crazy outfits* DONE! *smiles* Ally: Wow, you guys are fast changers. Jacob: Alright, alright. So who's ready to parrrrr-taaay??? Everyone but Jacob: ME! Jacob: Well good cuz I'm starting the music! *plays the music* Everyone: *dances* *With Rocky* Rocky: *annoyed* Alright.... It's going to be a longggggg night. *puts a pillow on his head* Aww, poor Rocky :/ Lol! Subscribe, Like, and Comment! xo. *STAY TUNED FOR EP. 52*


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