Wix Online Store: Why You Should Never Use Wix For An Online Store 2016

https://dropshipwholesalepros.com/col... We're going to show you the main reasons why you should never use Wix for an online store.Wix is very weak in this area. Now this company is great for a regular website. In fact we use Wix as our website builder. But for an online store we use Shopify. Wix is a website builder first and the online store is an afterthought. With that being said if you want a very beautiful website and you want to add a very basic, and we do mean basic store than Wix will suit you fine. But if you want a real online store for a business than avoid Wix like the plague. You'll have to load each and every product one by one because Wix lacks a simple feature like being able to bulk upload or use a csv file. This is a very basic need and not some feature as an add on. You need to be able to add thousands of products. The Wix online store builder will take a few years to upload all your products one at a time.You can make a beautiful looking store, but it doesn't have any tracking data, you only have very limited shipping choices, and it is missing so much more. We could do 10 more videos on how much their online store sucks, and we'd just be getting started. Wix is all beauty and no brains. The apps that Wix provides is for the website builder not an ecommerce store. We tried hard to like their online store builder, but it is so awful that we had to burn the thought. If you want to sell digital products you'll have to use an add-on that cost an extra $7- $9 dollars. We have used Wix, Weebly, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, and Shopify. By far Shopify is the most powerful and the overall winner. There is a very strong facebook community that will help you with your business. Shopify has over 600 apps and their all for online stores. Wix apps are for the website builder with a few ecommerce. Our advice don't waste your time with with Wix online store builder. As stated before we use Wix for regular websites but we use Shopify for our online stores. They both are strong when used where they're best at. Easy to use website builder hands down Wix. Powerful easy to use online store no questions Shopify. Get Started With Our Top Rated Gold Standard Wholesale and Drop ship Suppliers + 45 Day Free Shopify Trial: Facebook Page Leave Any Comments: Twitter: Tumblr: Pinterest: Google Plus: Brand New Group Free Dropshipping and Wholesale Information: How To Sell Womens Shoes At Cheap Prices 2016 How To Make Money Selling Kids Shoes 2016 How To Make A Quick $3,462.70 Without Working Hard 2016 How To Make Money Fast And Easy In 2016 How To Make Money Selling Wholesale On eBay, Amazon Fba, and Shopify 2016 Wholesale: Liquidation: Drop Shipping: Drop Shipping, Wholesale, eBay: Amazon FBA: Shopify: [vrr:65][/vrr:65] [vrr:65][/vrr:65]


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