The Stalker Gate-Crashes a Fashion Frame Photo Shoot (Can't Kill STYLE)

The whole notion of this mission was to provide a Fashion Shoot stage for a Vercace inspired look, modeled by Zephyr. The visual presentation was the objectve, and all weapons were fresh off of the foundry, having never been used before, detailed to match the vein of fashion accessories (not even an Orokin Catalyst was installed in any of them, nor an Exilus slot in Zephyr). It was a showpiece, with little to no familiarity with any of the systems. So for The Stalker to have picked that mission to blunder into really put the joke on him, as not only did FASHION prove that aesthetics fuel REVIVAL, but his little dramatis ex machina was not only an embarassment to his "skills," but a refutation of his hubris, as the mission was derailed later by a glitched Bursa, and jumped to FAIL. No points for me, but also none for the Stalker. He has to try it again. WARFRAME


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