Women's Short Spunky Haircut - Feather Styling Razor

To see more of our education videos, visit: http://www.JataiAcademy.com Many women wear their hair short, but that doesn't mean they want to look like a man. Women want soft, feminine inspired designs that work with their hectic lifestyles and reflect their personality. There is no better tool than the razor to achieve that style. Within our Jatai styles you will find there is a classic feel to all of our designs. This short haircut is a little more on the edge with classic elements throughout. To see Lucky Grip Clips, click here. To see the Feather Styling Razors, click here. To see Blade Glide, click here. To see the Nape & Body Razor, click here. To see the Feather Switch Blade Shears, click here. To see Feather Kaiden Shears, click here.


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