New Business of Fashion program offered at Rutgers University-Newark

Learn more: http://business.rutgers.edu/fashion Rutgers Business School is launching a Business of Fashion concentration & minor that offers students at Rutgers University-Newark essential business courses tailored to the fashion and arts industries. The core curriculum will include classes in finance and branding for fashion and other creative pursuits as well as a course introducing students to supply chain management as it relates to the fashion and arts industries. Tavy Ronen, a finance professor who galvanized campus-wide support for Business of Fashion and will serve as program director, said Rutgers will prepare students for jobs in the world’s largest fashion houses just as it produces talented workers and executives for the finance and pharmaceutical industries. The Business of Fashion program will also give Rutgers the ability to forge stronger ties with fashion designers, luxury goods makers, the fragrance industry and the arts community. Discover more about the Business of Fashion: Learn more about Rutgers Business School's undergraduate program in Newark: Produced & Directed by Theodore C. Munro & Susan Todd, Rutgers Business School Office of Communications.


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