Prominence of New York - Men's Fashion

Prominence of New York - Season One - Men's Fashion Synopsis: Brother Diamond delivers a great conversation piece, shedding light on men's fashion, as well as its effects on mentally, visually, and creatively. He's also brought along some friends this time, as Samir, Brother Jay, and Joseph Rivera all dawn unique looks of their own, thus transitioning to a bigger message of individuality. What is Prominence of New York? Established, shot, and directed by Joseph Rivera, Prominence of New York is a New York based commercial series narrated by different entities, filmed in different locales, telling a story. A narrative of moral, growth, age, passion, character, and vision, while giving viewers a personal perspective on intricate attributes that makes New York unique. -- The city of New York has so much to provide. Being the Mecca of hip-hop, high fashion, individuality, and African American History, I want to provide the audience with an in depth and personal look at the best city in the world. With the city being over populated and increasingly diverse, I've decided to partner up with Brother Diamond to lead a series about society’s most delicate issues, while not falling short to introducing new characters with different stories between seasons. Each commercial will introduce a new topic, a topic in which is followed with an in depth viewpoint that persists of extensive research and historical context that’s aimed to leave spectators enthralled. If you find yourself open to providing an opinion or joining the discussion please feel free to comment and subscribe to our channel as a new content will be added bi-weekly. Follow the cast on Instagram: @Mr_JosephRIvera @Bro.Diamond @SamirMartinez_ View photographs from the P.O.N.Y web op on Flickr:


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