World Life vs Prayer Life-Marcus Maywether

Prayer Life Is The Right Life in this film you will hear from me and what I have been up to. You can expect to hear from Sam Murphy in my next upload ! I do hope that you all will take the time to tune in to bible talk as well ! I wanted to say thanks so much for all the support as well ! Prayer Life is Key ! i explain to the reason of why it plays such a big part of my life. I hope this film will Move you. Would you like to support my channel may do so by subscribing This Song is not my song and the right belong to Montez McCamish its called Prayers Heals People Check out itsmontez.com At LCMM we’re passionate about making you a curvy model and allowing you to gain the support or sponsorships that you can gain throughout the industry. We help you build your model resumes, bios, and portfolios to use when you go out in the fashion and model world. Your comp cards are the very essence of what you would need to make it professionally for a casting call, or other up and coming events. With the support and feedback from the workshops offered, there is no way you can be held back.


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