Monster High Color N' Style Fashion School Bag Review

Monster High Color N' Style Fashion School Bag Review Press Subscribe http://goo.gl/Wu0uCq and you will know about more toy videos! At midnight on first January my daughter got gift from Saint Nicolay. It's purse Monster High brand with colorful permanent markers - Monster High Color N style fashion bag activity. Daughter dreamt about it. She wanted get only such an option Monster High for drawing it the permanent markers. This occupation is fashionably and popularly today. Bag has packed in a bright and beautiful box. Language sign on the package depend on country purchaser. We will decorate the bag right now in Monster High style. Shoulder bag Size is good. Product Dimensions is about 2x10x10 inches. We can put in album for drawing or exercise book. My daughter will take out it himself at the school. Five permanent markers are in set with bag. Bag closes by means of two Velcro. I think daughter will wear the product long time. The fasteners Markers need cut off by scissors neatly. Parents must help their children. A dye marker bit spread out on the material of the bag during coloring. You should paint neatly or you will get spoil another shape and the whole picture. So child can painting nearly one hour for personal color pattern bag as a result. It will be colored characters monster high. Developer combined two pleasures in one product. The child will be proud her own work. Ink dries after 10 seconds approximately. If you open the bag you will not find the separation. It is in fact well. Shoulder bag is very high quality. When you will decorate, keep to the main element of the pictures. For Example, We painted the letter m but we could leave it white. You should not be afraid of white. You can see in the market some similar options handbags for girls with additions. This fact does not change the main essence toy. Monster high is best option. Daughter, you should try neatly drawing, do not cross the line. Umbrella is next. Listen to me please, it is left white. Altogether, you will get same similarly. Also, we can see the Lagoon hero at the top bag. This is her face and hair. The cost of bag is about 15 dollars. I will help my daughter because I have interest too. For example, we will make by yellow color marker one of the two lightning. Look, now we will get beautiful pink tail and lips. “You don’t must touch fangs cause she is hero vampire” said daughter me. This is remark. Note, I was trying find the same model bag but with another pattern. I mean shoulder bag. My attempt failed. Monster High Color N' Style Fashion School Bag Review by Sania Semechka is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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