13 Amazing Things You Can Make With a 3-D Printer

1. Bikini Continuum, a maker of 3-D printed clothing, designed the N12 bikini without any seams or sewing. It's made of a polymer called Nylon 12, which the company says is "waterproof and remarkably comfortable when wet." 2. Puppy wheelchair Deadrick, president of 3-D manufacturing and design company 3dyn, designed a custom-built wheelchair for TurboRoo. 3. Model of your fetus for just $1,000, you can now get your very own 3-D printed model of your unborn child. You'll have to go to Japan to get it, though: the company making the models, called Fasotech, has partnered with the Parkside Hiroo Ladies clinic in Tokyo 4. Guitar 3-D printing company 3D Systems started printing guitars in 2012 5. Gun olid Concepts, a specialty manufacturing company, said it 3-D printed a handgun and fired more than 50 rounds from it -- even hitting a few bullseyes at more than 30 yards. The gun was made with an industrial 3-D printer. 6. Victoria's Secret wings At last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, one of the most elaborate costumes was a pair 3-D printed "angel wings." 7. Telescope After 3-D printing pizza in space, NASA thought it would try its hand at making something a little more useful: a space telescope When it's completed by the end of the year, the telescope and camera will have about a tenth of the parts of a typical telescope and will have been made for a fraction of the cost. 8. Drone Taking less than 24 hours to make it, researchers in the United Kingdom successfully printed a working drone earlier this year. The low production cost of the plastic drone "might lead to the printing of 3-D unmanned aircraft that could be disposable and sent on one-way flights, 9. Makeup Having trouble getting the perfect color for your makeup? 3-D printer company Mink's got you covered. Just click a color that you like on your computer or smartphone, send it to your Mink printer, and you'll have makeup in that color in just a few seconds. 10. Prosthetic arm A titanium arm built at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee weighs just four pounds, half the weight of the average human arm, and has just $75 of materials. 11. Bobble Head At Amazon's new 3-D printing store, you can design your own 3-inch nylon bobble head for $30. Shipping is free. 12. Hershey's Chocolate 3D Systems announced a deal with Hershey's in early 2014 to collaborate on developing a 3-D printer that makes chocolate and other edible products.


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