Redefining Luxury at Paris Fashion School

Subscribe at http://www.ParisFashionSchool.com Sometimes the luxury of an experience is more important than the luxury of the way we normally think of it. I wanted to share with you something very surreal. I had an option to either rent an apartment in Paris or stay on campus. After talking with Dave and the director we came to the conclusion it was best to live on campus. I absolutely fee like I am back in College. You might be asking, why didn't you go the full luxury route, Tara? I thought about that. This is an opportunity for myself to really redefine what luxury means and allow myself the luxury of this experience. Right now it feels good. I could lecture you on how this is all good, or I can stick with my intention and be open and organic with you ladies. Enjoy the view of my dorm room! Check out the big bathroom;) This is going to be a blast.


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