Spiked haircuts for Lady,pixie short Women hairstyles,李宇春髮型Vern Scissors-Hairstyle 8

00:03 Hair scissors 4V+4V. Point cut to create light & soft hair ends effects 韋恩智慧型組合裁剪剪刀4V+4V錐形裁剪創造輕柔髮尾 02:11 Hair styling scissors 4Ee. horizontal cut to create strong and special effects. 韋恩智慧型組合造型剪刀4Ee橫調創造強烈束感。 Hair styling scissors 4Ee. Repeat Cutting at Hair End. (Texturizing to cut. Bangs/fringe) 韋恩智慧型組合造型剪刀4Ee髮尾重複裁剪(調剪瀏海) Now, it is the other type in Vern Intelligent Combined Styling Scissors, 4Ee. 接下來的是,韋恩智慧型組合造型剪刀4Ee Vern Intelligent Combined Styling Scissors, 4Ee, is a design of 4 big & 15 small L-shaped patent teeth. 4Ee enables hair stylists to highlight on line-movement effects, create the hair fragment with feather-shaped softness at the same time. 4Ee gathers the requirements of individuality and softness, makes the sustained hair fragment thin and individual thus enabling a limitless creation to the airy hairstyle. Applying the unique features and effects, this is going to help hair stylists create new and interesting fashionable hairstyles. There are 3 usages: 4Ee,四大十五小L型專利齒的設計,讓設計師在強調線條感的同時賦予其髮束呈羽毛狀的柔度。4Ee集合個性及柔性的訴求,使留下來的髮束,束感較纖細、又具個性化,讓空氣感髮型創意無限。應用此款剪刀的獨有特性與效果,將幫助設計師創造出新鮮有趣的時尚髮型 使用刀法可分為 1. Horizontal Cut Directly operate with the original scissors teeth and finish the shape. It is applied in customers with much hair volume, suit short hairstyles or the one who wants to have personal features and unique hairstyles. 一﹑橫斷 以剪刀設計之原有齒狀直接操作成型,運用於髮量多、或適合短髮造型、或想要擁有具個人特色、獨有髮型的消費者。 2. Slanting Cut It can be applied in hairstyles that want to sustain the unique design but does not lose internal discipline, doing the second-time hair cut or the feather effects in the hairline edge. This cutting technique is usually used in hair roots, mid hair and hair ends to do Texturizing & Cutting by the way of Piling Up Bricks. A kind of slanting cutting technique is used to create deep and shallow cutting effects. It can demonstrate nature hair fragments with features or flying hairstyles. Straight and curly hairstyles are both appropriate. 二﹑斜剪 應用於想保有獨特設計又透露些許內斂的髮型,或是第二次剪髮,或者髮際邊緣想呈現羽狀效果時。 上述剪法常用於髮根、髮中、髮尾處以疊磚方式作調剪,呈現自然空間,無論是直髮或鬈髮的造型都相當適宜 3. Repeat Cutting at Hair End Applying this styling scissors, 4Ee, to do repeat cutting in hair end and directly shape the hairstyle is the most immediate way to set hair length, create layers and contour lines. This is going to demonstrate the subtle differences of the short and long in hair ends thus creating natural hairstyle that have orders in irregularity. 三﹑髮尾重複裁剪 將此款造型剪刀,4Ee,在髮尾處作重複裁剪直接成型,是設定髮長及創造層次輪廓最直接的方法。 可表現髮尾些微的長短差異,創造亂中有序、極為自然的髮型 Cutting, Texturizing, Styling, Super Curve Series Scissors and Vern Bridge Web: Facebook: 韋恩臉書: Cutting series Vern Scissors Cut Layers and Contour Line 4V+4V=Light and soft hair ends 4V+4E=One-length and Bob hair ends Texturizing series Vern Scissors Texturize Hair Volume 4Ea for less hair volume 4Eb for medium hair volume 4Ec for more hair volume 4Ea+4Eb+4Ec=Natural hair ends without hard lines Styling Series Vern Scissors Create Defined and Special Effects 4Ed for less hair volume 4Ee for more hair volume 4Ed+4Ee=Defined and special effects Super Curve Series Vern Scissors Cut Layers and Contour Line 4N curve and various technical effects 4N+4N= perfect for fly cutting Vern Bridge Creativity Fun HairStyle Vern Hairdressing Style College Web: Tel: 886 6 234 8518 Fax: 886 6 234 1124


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