Men's Curly to Straight Hair Tutorial | Brazilian Blowout

Hey everyone! Today we’re showing you how to go from curly or wavy to straight, smooth, and shiny hair! This can all be done at your local Salon, and of course right here at Daniel Alfonso Men’s Salon in just about an hour depending on hair length. Just ask for a Brazilian Blowout! In this video featuring our stylist Greg Buchl and my good friend Alex Costa, we’ll show you the whole process from beginning to end and give you information on how it works, what to expect, before and after pictures, and much more. This process is a game changer guys! Enjoy! For Haircut, Color, Brazilian Blowout and Style Appointments please call DANIEL ALFONSO MEN’S SALON at 323-424-3725 or email us at dalfonsomenssalon@gmail.com www.dalfonsomenssalon.com Please follow us on INSTAGRAM: @danielalfonsotv - @gregwillcutyou - @alexcosta - Filmed and Edited by: @jaybanzia -


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